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7 Questions To Ask Your Property Management Company Before Hiring


One of the most important aspects of investing in rental properties is to find a good renter. Most times landlords, try to find tenants on their own but they end up destroying their investment because they don’t have the skills used in property management system. Good property managers can carry out this process for landlords.

However, it is essential that landlords don’t just choose any rent manager because they are supposed to be asked some questions to know if they are qualified or the job.

Here are the top 7 questions a landlord should ask the rent manager or property management company when hiring.

  1. Is your company certified?

Several organizations provide certification for rental companies. Generally, certification means that the individual has passed the rigorous tests that determine if they are qualified to handle your rental properties.

  1. What is the experience of your company in property management system?

Some property management companies have never managed assets before, but they won’t say this to you. If the business owner never got a lease, what is the probability that he or she will do a job that can help you effectively in your real estate investment?

  1. How many properties are managed by your company?

If the applicant operates several properties, will their company be able to devote the necessary time to manage your property? The owner must have time to help your tenants with their needs and monitor all situations that may occur.

  1. How does your company determine the amount of rent?

Property managers should be able to achieve a similar study on the market for all other ads available near your home. Your manager must use the properties that were recently sold and the properties currently on the market to determine the highest possible rate. They should also have the knowledge and experience necessary to take into account the unique aspects of your rental property, such as a pool or a new kitchen.

  1. How to collect rent the tenant?

If the property management company does not have a platform where tenants can pay their rent online, then it’s not cool. The speed with which they can pay will be slow. If tenants pay online, they can automate their payments and avoid mispayment.

  1. What if my property needs urgent maintenance?

Many managers have a preferred list of engineers that handles emergency situations on any property they manage, and they will organize meetings and coordinate the work needed. Some organizations also offer the service to pay all the bills for the goods on your behalf, if necessary. Be sure to talk with your agent to make sure you’re satisfied with their process.

  1. Does your company outsource their jobs?

Some property owners have found that their asset managers are effectively outsourcing their functions to other individuals. This can lead to a chain of several people and it can be difficult for you to know what is going on. So it is essential you state in your agreement that you do not permit outsourcing.

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