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3 Most Common Tenant Complaints and How to Handle Them

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Working in St Louis rental management show that no matter how well your property is maintained, some issues will still crop up. And this is often the responsibility of the property manager to handle the situation.

Solving the complaints of tenants using the right method can go a long way in ensuring that their concerns are alleviated, increasing the retention rates of tenants, and ensuring that your reputation as an individual is established as someone who cares about the safety and comfort of his clients. Below are some of the most common tenant complaints and how best to handle them.

Maintenance problems

With issues such as maintenance problem being one of the most common issues tenants complain about, setting up an effective complaints resolution system is the first step for you to quickly and effortlessly handle such complaints.

That’s why most people ensure that the lease agreement should include specific details on how the maintenance request can be raised, the duration of an expected response time for each types of maintenance complaints, action to take in case of any emergency and so on. For example, many st louis rental management companies now ask their clients to raise a maintenance request online so that the process will be simple and tracking will be easy.

Whatever method you choose as your notification mode, ensure that all requests are promptly responded to, also provide the time frame when your tenants should expect their issue to be fixed. Inform the tenants accordingly so they can be prepared, If the time to solve the issues needs to be adjusted based on the severity or type of the problem.

While handling a maintenance problem, ensure that all the tenant–landlord/property manager communication in written form are kept, also with other paperwork and the maintenance receipt for the work done. It will become very essential whenever you have a case with your tenant and they decide to take you to court or whenever you are in a legal dispute.

Lack of proper communication

Nothing annoys a tenant more than a non-existent or a delayed communication. People will not want to deal with a property manager or owner who is not always available, won’t answer his calls and will not reply to emails.

As a property manager or owner, you might have the urge not to reply the mail because the complaints was not valid or you are not in the best position to address the issue. But what your lack of response means to the tenant is that you are unwilling to listen to his problems.

It’s hard to find quality tenants these days. However, if you fail to respond to complaints in a timely and effective manner, you might lose them to a landlord who has a value and respects for all his tenants.

Pest Invasion

Nobody likes it when their home is invaded by cockroaches, bugs or rats. The problem can easily and quickly get worse and spread around if it is an apartment. Ensure prompt action is taken and immediately put a call through to an exterminator if your tenants report any pest issues. Also, you should not forget to schedule an appointment for follow-up after about a week, to ensure the problem is completely resolved. To ensure such problems don’t occur, it’s important to take preventive measures and ensure your property is treated every year.

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