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Rental Property and Pets – Yes or No?


Rental Property and Pets

If you are a property manager in St Louis, then you know that there are more individuals who are lifestyle renters, that is, they want a property to look like they own it and rent for a long time or at times forever. Most tenants will not rent a property where pets are not allowed as they consider their pets to be part of their family. Some individuals actually consider their pets as their family member not just parts of their family, because they haven’t had children yet or they are not planning to have.

The experience of a property manager in st louis is that majority of the tenants want to maintain their property and do the right thing when they have a pet. They want to ensure that they can keep their pets safe and healthy when they have a quality home where their pet can stay. They clean up the mess of the pets, its surroundings to controlled fleas, and ensure their pet is kept clean. When applying to rent a property, you can be asked for a pet reference and photos of your pet by the property manager, so that they can ensure that the sleeping living arrangement for your pet is catered for. As a tenant, you will also want to ensure that the property is free of flea for your own comfort as well as the management of their home, which will make up part of the lease agreement.

As property manager, you should consider that not just dogs and cats are considered as pet, before rejecting all pets. Times are now changing, families now have fish, birds, rats and mice, guinea pigs and so on, as traditional pets. These days, it’s common to have lizards and snakes as pet, so as a property manager, it’s advisable not to advise “sorry no pets” in the marketing of your home. You should wait see what people consider as pets before you make a decision. It has also been discovered that most landlords consider pets as an advantage, as the number of people viewing their home increasing. When a tenant with pets rents a property, it has been discovered that they tend to stay longer, so you should bear in mind that pets are also part of an extended family. It also decreases the costs of changing tenants.

Everyone has experienced something that has changed their views. This could be a bad experience, for instance, damaged caused by a pet, noise of the dogs next door or fleas left by a previous tenant. However, ownership of pets is considered to be much more responsible these days, and the minorities are the individuals who do not look after the properties.

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