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Paperless accounting: Why and how you should make the switch?

From the architectural reviews to violation tracking most of the operations of community association today can be finished online with the assistance of technology. But some dull back-office tasks like the accounts payable still need to be finished manually. If you use paper and voices, and spreadsheets to bring the process of accounts payable to…

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Managing Your Common Areas and Amenities during Social Distancing

For people group affiliation experts, you’re confronting intense difficulties with social separating as you need to keep occupants upbeat while as yet guaranteeing things remain clean and sticking to nearby laws. Peruse on for approaches to help deal with your normal regions and luxuries during home stay requests are in actuality just as rules against…

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Inspections Matter: Strategies, Tools, And Tips For Making Them Count

It is essential that you frequently get your rental property inspected. Serious consequences may await for you if you are careless with your property inspections, that could cost you greatly. However, at the same time going a little too over board with the inspections may likely irate or strain your relationship with your residents and…

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How to Make Virtual Showings a Win-Win for You & Your Prospects

Virtual showings are quite popular and a great substitute for in-person touring. They are an excellent option for agents who are new, or not quite comfortable enough to have a showing in person. According to a survey that was conducted in, 71% of companies related to the property management field are more inclined to…

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How to find and keep property management employees with the skills you need

It is not uncommon for real estate industries to face difficulty to recruit members in their team that possess the qualities that the company requires. There are many challenges that a company faces, most of which revolves around the applicants lacking essential skills to be recruited. Other include the difficulty in the processes of recruiting,…

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How Online Rent Payments Benefit Property Managers & Residents

Online payments of rent bills are not just comfortable, but they are both befitting to your residents and business. If you are still paying bills manually then now is the time to apply online system. Here are ten ways to pay all your rent bills online that will benefit both you and your residents: #1…

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5 different ways to enhance your property’s green initiative

Residential and commercial buildings account for about 39% of the emission of carbon dioxide. Do you think that your company is working in a way that is more sustainable and is your company doing anything to last longer? Because of the climatic change the world is facing some serious problems and to keep ourselves safe…

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Customer Experience: What It Means & Why It Matters More Than Ever

“The customer is always right” is a phrase that is more commonly heard in retail or service industries. However, this phrase itself holds a lot of importance. It makes sure that you give your customers a great service and experience, to make them loyal.   Customer service and your customer’s loyalty can make or break…

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