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The Importance of Secure Overnight Truck Lots in Industrial Space.


There is more to being a property manager in St Louis than rent collection, bills payment, and fixing a leaky tap. Simple things such as the way the parking lot is being handled by the property manager can impact industrial operations. The fact that cargo trucks and containers get targeted by criminal, renting a property where secure overnight truck lots can be provided by the property manager is a very important factor for selection of sites for an industrial space in St. Louis.

Containers are one of the factors behind the various advances in logistics globally. It is easier to handle shipments of goods that are large as they are being moved using various transportation modes all over the world. Still, the use of containers for shipment is also a gift to criminals. A single unit of container can transport thousands or millions of dollars’ worth of goods of high value. These containers are easy to identify, easy to break in and also easy for someone to hide in. some containers are also simple to rapidly unpack, or easy to haul away if sitting on a trailer. When the management of a property is ineffective, it is easy for all these to happen.

The theft of cargoes is a big problem with most industrial spaces. While the National Cargo Security Council estimates theft at about $30 billion per year, the FBI estimates them at about $12 billion, the expenses in total which will include indirect costs could be high as $60 billion. Fatefully. Using of containers for shipment was developed to reduce thefts of goods in break-bulk packaging.

Although casual crime was reduced, opportunities were created for criminals that are more sophisticated to get in the pilfering of cargo business. Most thefts in the cargo business are inside jobs in which facility workers and criminals have colluded together to commit the crime.

The Role of a Property Manager

An effective practice of a property manager in st louis involves the providing secure overnight truck lots that will deter cargo thieves from assessing the cargo and workers performing the crime themselves. Below are some of the practices that you can look for when talking to cargo facility property managers:

  • Employment screening. Screening diligently facility workers and contractors can help reduce the movement of criminals or individuals tempted to steal out of the facility.
  • Professional security staff. Parking lots in cargo facilities should be secured by security guards that are fully trained and equipped with the right tools for their jobs, which may include including firearms.
  • Access control. A Property Manager should provide systems that prevents unauthorized personnel from gaining access into the facility and also leaving the facility. He should provide systems that tracks the coming and going of people. More effective systems are those that include biometric identification or cameras
  • Lighting and cameras. A property manager should also provide at least candles of lights of about two foot to help deter crime, and should also provide closed circuit television feeds that records everything.

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