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Paperless accounting: Why and how you should make the switch?


From the architectural reviews to violation tracking most of the operations of community association today can be finished online with the assistance of technology. But some dull back-office tasks like the accounts payable still need to be finished manually. If you use paper and voices, and spreadsheets to bring the process of accounts payable to an end. This is a good time to think about going paperless. Here are the few reasons why you should switch to it:

  • Time-saving: Your team spends many hours printing manually scanning the invoices and filing every week. But with the help of paperless accounting, you can urgently access the documents and retrieve them in a click.
  • Money saver: The price of manually accounting with paper ink postage can increase so much and along with it you have to take so many employees to finish the process of accounts payable. Paperless accounting decreases the price of these materials and the people into half. So, you can easily focus on growing the business rather than the cost.
  • Reduction of errors: manually entering every invoice from the papers to a different spreadsheet can create so many inaccuracies and different errors while when you store everything digitally you can easily find the mistakes and make sure that the invoices are accurate.
  • Increased reach: When you know the receipts are saved online you can conveniently reach them from anywhere instead of having to find it through different files.
  • Increased efficiency: When you know that all the material is saved in one system you can easily increase the speed of the invoices and do not have to run back and forth between team members, finical institutions, and the vendors.
  • More secure: When you store the documents in the system instead of the files you know that it is more secure because it is encrypted and is not available to everybody.
  • Satisfactory: Your employees and the vendors will gain a lot more because of the invoices being paid accurately and quickly.


  • Tips for transitions to paperless accounting: 
  • A successful transition to the paperless accounting solely depends upon the software that you are using for accounting. You can be more benefitted if your system does most of the tasks automatically so you don’t need to do it manually for example with https://www.stlouispm.comall the emails that you send are sent through the email so that you don’t have to do them manually. They are automatically checked, scanned, and approved and they are posted on your online portal.
  • Always demonstrate the benefits to the teams you are working with and clearly explain the outline of the plan. If everybody understands it properly then they will be of more assistance and will benefit your business more.
  • Once you store everything online dispose of all the files and this will save you from any inconvenience like mixing the data etc.
  • Make your company more dependent on paperless work so that your business grows faster. For this, you can avail the services from St Louis Property Management.