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Maintenance of your properties during COVID

Because of the coronavirus, social distancing continues all over the world and it is still impacting a lot of lives around the globe. There are a lot of businesses that have become remote, a lot of restaurants have shut down and there are a lot of events that have been postponed because of this social distancing. With everything that has been happening all around the world, there is one thing constant for the property managers and that is the need for repairs, the requests coming from people for maintenance, and the upkeep.

These are some of the things that this pandemic was not able to change. During these hard times, there are a lot of questions that almost every property manager has asked, and we are here to solve your problems. Some of the most asked questions are:

  • How can I maintain the home of my customer when I am not even allowed to send the working person to their home?
  • How should I make sure that the workers that I am sending are safe and the work is still being done?


These are some of those questions that every single property manager had been asking. St Louis Property Management if can’t exactly give you the solutions to all but we can tell you different ways through which you can approach the customers and solve their problems.


  • Distinguish between urgent and non-urgent: What you need to at first is to distinguish between the works that cannot wait and the works that are not so urgent. This way when you list down the urgent work it will not only decrease the person-to-person interaction but will also reduce the burden and the worries. Always talk to the customers and get the complete detail. If you feel like their work is not very urgent make it understand and tell them how it is important for their safety and for your staff's safety. Be very kind when dealing with the customers and always assure them that you will follow up after the condition is a little better.
  • Keep the spaces clean: One other thing that you can easily do is keep those spaces that you use commonly clean. You can always go to to see what conditions are being followed to maintain the cleanliness. Start from cleaning the spaces which are most commonly being used and then disinfect the places. Cleaning will remove the virus first and then disinfection will slowly and gradually kill it
  • Contact with vendors: while you are following all the SOP’S make sure that you are in contact with the vendors and they are following all the protocols that you are. Always their management plan about how they are dealing with the coronavirus situation so that you know that you are on a similar page. Keep sending them all the instructions and ask them to follow all the guidelines to keep them and the customers safe from getting into any kind of trouble.