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Inspections Matter: Strategies, Tools, And Tips For Making Them Count

It is essential that you frequently get your rental property inspected. Serious consequences may await for you if you are careless with your property inspections, that could cost you greatly. However, at the same time going a little too over board with the inspections may likely irate or strain your relationship with your residents and neighbors alike. With a few inspection tips from St Louis Property Management at , you can spare yourself from making property inspection mistakes that may cause you trouble on a long run.

When To Conduct Inspection

In short, you property inspections should be periodically. That is, an annual or bi-annual checkup while your residents are still under contract. This will keep you residents satisfied as they are certain that the property they are residing in is not losing its value. Overall cleanliness and perfect running of appliances of the house is to be ensured.

Besides that, it is wise to get your property inspected as soon as your old residents move out. This is normally called “a move-out inspection”. When you existing residents move out you can perform an extensive inspection to ensure the condition is top-notch of the rental unit.

Another timely inspection is called “a move-in inspection”. As self-explanatory as it is, it can be very convenient for you to perform an inspection of your rental unit as new residents move in. The best time to perform a move-in inspection is when your new residents have signed the lease and got the keys but haven’t yet moved in with their furniture and their belongings. This will put you at ease and the residents satisfaction will be ensured as the rental-unit would hopefully be up to their mark.

Why Perform Inspection

Property inspections should be done routinely and for the very obvious reasons. Though for many, property inspections may appear to be a futile and a tedious task to do. It can in fact be incredibly useful on a long run.

  • Instead of having to fix maintenances problems, you can avoid them in the first place. For example roof and pipes leakages, wood termites, flooring problems etc.
  • Examining safety hazards related to electrical wirings, potential fire breakouts.
  • Guarantees residents satisfaction.
  • Helps preserve the value of property.
  • Satisfied residents will be punctual with their lease terms, and will be encouraged to keep the rental unit in good condition.

Tips To Perform Inspection

To ensure residents satisfaction while conducting an inspection, it is important that you do not frequently irate them. Their comfort should be amongst your primary concerns therefore, it is essential you abide by the rules while performing inspection.

  • To avoid invasion of your residents’ privacy, it is important that you at least give them a prior notice before conducting an inspection.
  • Encourage your residents to follow safety measures and social distancing while the inspection is being carried out to avoid running into any potential hazard.
  • At least one or two of the resident’s presence should be required as the inspection being carried out. In case any thing goes missing, they would know who is to be held accountable.