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Increase Resident Satisfaction & Business Efficiency with Online Payments

It is noted that costumer feel more convenient by online payment. However, it is maybe difficult in the start that people might not know how to sign up or maybe they even don’t know this option is available or not. But these difficulties are one time and can be overcome with team cooperation. People opt for online grocery shopping and cab booking so it’s a good time to remind them about your digital payment system.

Here are five ways by which you can support your residents' transition to online payments:

  • A Purpose-Built System

Online payments can be done through various means, but the best one is that which saves time and provide great resident experience. All-in-one technology, like St Louis Property Manager mobilizes every process, from leasing and screening to bill payments and renewals. So residents are accustomed to and comfortable with handling processes online from the very beginning.

St Louis Property management easy-to-use Online Portal allows residents to pay their rents with variety of options.


  • Send Reminders:

It is important to inform about the companies procedures and policies to someone who is a new resident. plus during a busy and hectic routine costumer may forget about such stuff. So it’s beneficial to send reminders to large audience. You can also send short videos and guidelines through conference calls. One-sheet pdf can also be emailed.

  • Elaborate The Benefits:

Costumers should be properly guided and informed about the benefits they will enjoy. So they should know that online payment is social distancing friendly, resident don’t have to wait in crowded place. There is a proper easy and accessible track of resident’s history. It Saves time, removes the steps of having go to the bank and/or post office, increases visibility for both parties, social distancing friendly, makes it easier to establish a payment plan and keep track of the remaining amount you owe, helps you avoid late fees with the option to set up an automatic, recurring payments, more secure than paper payments, an online payment portal, like St Louis Property Manager protects both in-transit and idle data, and protects your privacy and identity from fraudsters or unwanted users, and is Eco-friendly


  • Provide Multiple Ways To Pay

St. Louis Property Management provides many different ways for the payment. Rent can be accepted through credit card, debit card, E-check, electronic cash and bank drafts. However many credit card companies charge fees, so you should educate your resident already. Offering such a wide range of opportunities to costumers create supportive environment.

  • Incentivize Your Residents

You can provide extra bonus and rewards to the costumers for signing up for online payment. Rewards may consist of little gifts vouchers or discount in next month's rent.

Once costumer get knowledge of online payment, he will get used to it because it is very convenient and time saving. You can further improve the experience of your costumer by making the transition process easy. You can help them by educating them about your system.