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How to Make Virtual Showings a Win-Win for You & Your Prospects

Virtual showings are quite popular and a great substitute for in-person touring. They are an excellent option for agents who are new, or not quite comfortable enough to have a showing in person. According to a survey that was conducted in, 71% of companies related to the property management field are more inclined to opt for virtual showings from March 2020.

Although virtual showings cannot offer the exact same experience as an in-person showing, they are quite efficient and less of a hassle to deal with. It is also less time consuming and less exhausting when it comes to showing places to prospects who might be mildly interested or not reading to sign a lease. Virtual showings need to be informative, with a 2-way communication process for it to be done effectively.

The following five tips will help you in conducting the best virtual showings.

Use the Best Suited Technology

Our highly advanced world has made multiple types of technological devices easily available. It is best to choose the right technological apps and devices to conduct a virtual showing that will give you an amazing experience. When it comes to video conferencing, apps like Zoom, Skype, and Google Meet are easy to use and access and are a great way for 1 to 1 conversation while showing around the place. virtual showings can be planned beforehand and held directly to make it more professional. It also saves you from the hassle of conducting it through personal accounts and sending invites.

 Set the Environment

Make sure there is an ample amount of lighting, and the place you are showing is neat and tidy. You can also accessorize the room with plants or paintings to make it look more appealing. Start off the tour from an appealing point of the place, such as a balcony.

Be Friendly and Inviting

Practice what you want to say a few times before the actual showing so that you aren’t as awkward. Try to be friendly, welcoming, and polite. Ask them personal, relatable questions such as how their day went or where they are from to break the ice and make the showing less awkward.

Give Attention to Details

Give descriptive and accurate information during the tour, and specify them on the details as well such as appliances, cabinets, etc. Keep the conversation two ways and ask them if they would like to view any particular area.

Allow Them to Ask You Questions

Instead of simply going on, take moments to pause so that your viewers can clear up any queries they have. You should also leave enough time at the end of the showing so they can ask you any other pressing questions. Once they know and understand everything, they might go on to start the leasing procedure. St Louis Property Management is always there for you to answer your all related questions.


The above-mentioned steps are a great way to have a perfect virtual showing and fill up any vacancies you may have.