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Fill Vacancies Faster: 10 Proven Rental Listing Tips to Convert More Leads

In this highly technological world, the best way to make a long-lasting impression on someone is through an online listing. Given below are 10 tips that will help you convert leads and get rid of vacancies.

1. Add a Detailed Description

To make a quality listing, your description should be detailed for an accurate portrayal of the listed place. Mention the nearby places in the neighborhood it is in such as cafes, parks, salons, etc. Make use of keywords and Search Engine Optimization so that interested people can help find your listing easily. These will also help put your listing at the top.

2.Use High-Quality Pictures

Non-pixelated and multiple, HD pictures are a great way to accurately show off your listing. Take pictures on a bright sunny day. Make sure the rooms are neat and clean. Pictures should not be blurry and should be taken from different angles.

3.Make Use of Recent Technology

Utilize the 3D tour options to give viewers the ultimate experience of what your listed place is like. At, you can make use of 3D models to view places. also has a feature for maps which lets viewers figure out the location and imagine living in the place.

 4. Increase Your Reach

Listing sites are a great way to search for an apartment. These helps increase your reach and make your listing appear to more viewers. St Louis Property Management has a procedure that helps you add your listing to multiple sites with one click instead of doing it manually.

5. Advertise Your Listing

Usage of advertisement and keywords will help your listing appear whenever people search them up. will help you add your listing to top sites.

6. Link Your Listing to Social Media

Most people these days utilize social media to increase traffic to listings. Advertisements can be done through Instagram, Facebook, or any social media all of your choices.

 7. Edit and Tweak Your Website

Add improvements to your website. For instance, your website should load easily, contain accurate details, and offer a good and user-friendly experience. If these features are not available, your website should be upgraded so as not to drive away renters. It also helps if your website can be used on mobile as well.

8. Use the Cross-Selling Feature

Some prospects may not be suitable for your vacancies. In such cases, you can cross-sell any other vacancies that you may have which could be more suitable for them. This is a great way of recapturing their attention.

9. Have a Virtual Showing

Use virtual showings to give viewers a more realistic idea of your listing. This will help attract more leads. People also generally like the idea of virtual or live showings.

10. Have a Sharing Contest

Ask your residents to compete in sharing contests and tagging, and the winner of the contest can receive a reward. Your residents will be happy, and you will drive traffic to your listing.


The above-mentioned tips have been proven to work and are a great way of getting more viewers for your listings.