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Customer Experience: What It Means & Why It Matters More Than Ever

“The customer is always right” is a phrase that is more commonly heard in retail or service industries. However, this phrase itself holds a lot of importance. It makes sure that you give your customers a great service and experience, to make them loyal.


Customer service and your customer’s loyalty can make or break a business. The following article briefs you on customer experiences, their importance, and how to use it as strength and form a strategy to turn them into loyal customers.


Customer Experience: What Is It, and Why Is It So Important?


Customer service is a very common and well-known term. Customer experience, on the other hand, is the way customers acknowledge and perceive the behavior and interactions a company had with them. Big brands like Amazon and Netflix make sure their customers have a positive experience. Customer support and communication is also offered to amp up their experience.


Customer experience matters a lot because customers tend to remember the type of care and service they had, and whether their experience was positive or not. In case of positive experiences, they are inclined to visit your company again and again in the future and become loyal customers. This will boost your company image and increase revenues.


Measuring Customer Satisfaction

This can be done on a few bases, such as:

  • Whether your company is being referred to other residents or not.
  • Whether 45-55% of residents avail your company services or not. offers tools such as a Renewal Summary Report to easily go through and analyze data related to renewals.
  • Whether people are satisfied with your services or not. This can be done on the basis of surveys sent out to customers who availed your service.


How to Improve Your Customer Experience?


  1. Communicate with Your Customers

Communicating often will help you deal with any issues residents have and evaluate their experiences. This will make your residents more satisfied and enable them to trust you. You can communicate with them through emails and text. has several communication tools ready for use. Important notices such as payment reminders or maintenance notifications can be sent through your phone. Bulk texting and emailing will send information to all your residents at once.


  1. Make Your Residents’ Lives Easy and Convenient

Use technology that is user friendly to allow residents to contact you with ease and help them solve out their queries. A few self-service options should be available for residents, such as:


  1. Online payments for rents
  2. Online leasing
  3. Online renewals for leases



  1. Add a Human Touch

Interact with your customers and pay attention to their needs. This adds to the customer experience. Technology can be utilized to perform your normal day to day tasks so you can give more time to your residents, by personally reaching out to them. Having resident gathering activities such as movie nights can also amp up their customer experience.


Through St Louis Property Management you can build up customer experience and turn them into loyal customers.