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Building Better Homes through Conscious Construction


Eco-friendly and green homes are becoming the new talk of the town, considering the environmental pollution problems. It is important to think green either you are upgrading your homes or going to make new ones. Avoiding diminution of natural resources and maintaining an ecological balance, humankind can make certain that life on Earth will thrive. The only way we can do this is to live more sustainably in every aspect of our lives. For this purpose, the first step will be to make eco-friendly and green homes.

With an upward trend in population growth, construction industry also grows rapidly. This leads to a negative impact on environment. The need of conscious construction increases to develop sustainability. We have the power to encourage positive, lasting changes. It might not always be possible to build a 100 percent sustainable home, but we have the choice to do so 100 percent consciously.

How to do ‘Conscious’ Construction?

We can build more consciously by following these tips:

  • Use of a locally produced product can help to reduce the carbon traces that come from importing and transporting products.
  • Making a system of producing the majority or all of the heat and power as well as water at homes.
  • Recycling of materials can help to avoid and minimize pollution of waste materials.
  • Eliminate visual, sound and physical pollution while manufacturing and production of sites.
  • Insulation, air quality and heating and cooling are some basic principles to keep under consideration while making energy efficient homes.
  • Various Kinds of Modern Eco-Friendly Buildings:

Conventional homes and buildings can be built more consciously through specific methods and techniques. However, today there are a lot of modern homes that are specially designed to be eco-friendly:

  • 1.     Passive solar constructions are super insulated and use the sun to generate heat which gets stored for as long as possible. This heat can be applied to keep the home warm and can be used for specific appliances.
  • 2.     Earth Sheltered homes are a good option if you want to keep your home warm throughout the year.
  • 3.     Modular homes are built in the factory. Where after they are transported to their location and the builder assembles the house on the site. The indoor building process allows the eco-friendly methods of construction and the end product itself is significantly energy-efficient.
  • 4.      Insulated Concrete Form homes are energy-efficient, air thigh and their construction time is fast. The frame of the house is made from interlocking blocks that fit together. These blocks are pre-made forms which are made from concrete that is poured into molds.
  1. If you want to cut out the building process altogether then a container home is the way to go. These constructions are made from shipping containers. The traditional building materials are excluded which makes these type of houses an excellent eco-friendly choice. Insulation is possible for container homes, and they can be designed to look less like a container.

These are just some of the eco-friendly building options available at St. Louis Property Management when you’re making improvements or involved in new construction. In most cases, custom eco-friendly homes might be more expensive than conventional homes, but after factoring in the cost savings of the energy, you will realize that it is not very much of an added cost. For more options and information, visit