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8 Steps to take before and during leasing season to maximize profit and efficiency

Companies that offer properties on lease make immense profit during the time from May till September. The leasing season has remained quite consistent throughout times, however due to the global pandemic we are seeing a slight change in residencies going up for lease. Yet, that doesn’t mean you cannot profit from the before-leasing season. Certain strategies by St. Louis Property Management at can help you gain maximum profit during and before the leasing season.

  1. Get your team ready

Cutting back on the training budget is not a wise decision especially during the leasing season. It is best that you invest on the training of your team and get the best workers on board. It will make a lasting impression on the residents when they see that your team knows what they doing.

  1. First impression is the last impression

Before the leasing season, your prime concern should be the cosmetics of the residence. When the clients check-in on before the leasing season, make sure that the maintenance of the residential unit looks top notch. Everything ought to be cleaned, repainted, and well-maintained.

  1. Work on the descriptions

It is important that you do not take the listing part lightly. Be descriptive with your words and have catchy content to describe your place. Meanwhile, hire  professional photographers to take aesthetically pleasing pictures of your house. It will create a good impression on the potential renters and the vacancies will always remain full that way.

  1. Virtual tours

Offer virtual tours for your rental place, so that potential buyers are aware about the place somewhat. It will mirror to them what the residential place looks like, and will give them a tour experience , that not many places are able to give. This may make your residence stand out.

  1. Keep the agenda language up to date

Certain amendments need to be made for housing change. This can have a significant impact on your business, and for that first off, you must be aware about all the regulations. Second, you must keep your agenda language up to dated and make sure that it complies with the regulations.

  1. Adjust the pricings

Adjust your pricings of your rental units considering the rates of rental unit within the area where yours are located. Your business could suffer tremendously if your pricings are not set at an appropriate.

  1. Prioritize your current residents

When your rental units are going up on sale, you shouldn’t forget about your current residents. On an average, for every resident that leaves way past their lease expiration date, the house owner owes them $3,900. Your current resident satisfaction should be amongst your primary concerns as it can have a major impact on your cash flow.

  1. Be responsive

During the leasing season, expect to get a lot of invoices. If you do not respond on time you may be risking your chance at getting good residents for your rental units.