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5 Tips to show units and fill vacancies while social distancing

The global pandemic has forced numerous businesses to shift online. Real estate industry has also efficiently not only moved online but is proving to become incredibly convenient especially in the world of the on-demand economy. However, in moving the leasing online came with countless other challenges too. Many companies have suffered immense loss due to the nationwide lockdown. St. Louis Property Management has used technology to their advantage to enhance their leasing flow. Leasing is made easier and convenient at, and your company can benefit despite the lockdown too.

1. AI Leasing Tools

Employing AI tools for your company can help you with the leasing while your company effectively practice social distancing. AI can help you short list by qualifying eligible potential renters for your residential units. It also helps in scheduling showings for the residents automatically and collecting guest cards. All of this can be achieved while not having to physically interact with your renter, yet still being able to carry out all the essential duties of a property manager.

2.Maximize Listings

The coronavirus is no joke, and everyone alike are practicing social distancing wherever there is a possibility too. Therefore, during the pandemic not many are likely to reach out to your company, the ones who are possibly serious in renting a unit. The potential renters will consider taking the unit on rent and therefore you must provide them with all listings that will necessitate them every information they need regarding the rental apartment. From high quality pictures to extremely detailed information regarding every  corner of the rooms of the apartment will eventually convince them into buying your apartment.

3. Virtual Tours

Through AI leasing assistants you can design a virtual tour of your property, that potential clients can use. They can get an idea of the locality and construction of the place without actually having to visit the place. Not only is this effective in terms of social distancing but will save the time of your clients but yours too.

4. Self-Guided Tours

By offering self-guided tours, you can ensure social distancing is being implemented effectively, while clients are able to enjoy the live tour of your units. They will have the in-person, first hand interaction. You can ensure them that after every visit the houses are disinfected and cleaned by cleaners who are aided with appropriate safety gear. This will create a good impression on your clients and thus will likely consider your company for moving in.

5. Online Leasing Applications

The leasing application is already too difficult for your clients to go through. Moving the application process will not only make leasing for you and your clients easier but it will save a lot of time while both parties practice social distancing. St. Louis Property Management’s cloud-based technology assist them managing and accessing the information required for the online rental applications. Companies can customize the agreement policies and with the right technology they can virtually sign into the agreement.