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5 Steps to improve your lead-to-lease conversion and fill vacancies faster

We are living in an on-demand economy, where we can get everything right at the tips of our fingers. Likewise, real estate industries is no exception to this when it comes to on-demand revolutionary change.  For what’s not at the tip of our fingers, we can expect for the revolution to come quick. For residential leasing companies, there are effective ways for them to improve their systems and processes that will allow them to fill their vacancies faster. St. Louis Property Management has integrated AI in their processes at that bring operations into the on-demand economy. For you to succeed in your residential leasing business by enhancing your lead-to-lease conversions is you must follow the 5 steps to succeed.


Your clients will appreciate if you are responding to their queries as soon as possible. Regardless of the time of the day or he situation of your location, if you do not respond to your clients invoices within minutes, it is likely that you will lose a potentially good client for leasing. A quick response on your side will certainly make a difference on your lead conversion rate for the best. However, it is fair to say that it is in fact impossible for your leasing staff to remain active around the clock day and night. Collaborating with AI systems you can instantly reply to the concerns of your clients through automated responses designed to solve their queries.


Not all clients are worthy of becoming good renters. Oftentimes, the residential location is not best suited for all. For example, a place could contain certain allergens that a renter may run into risks of potential health problems if they move in, or a neighborhood that is not pet-friendly would not be suitable enough for a renter with pet. AI can help you with the short-listing of your clients and making the process more efficient and faster. This will lead to faster lead conversions than you were able to get through convention methods.


If a potential renter does not meet the requirements of a good renter for your residential units, do not write them off. You can recommend them another property manager that will likely find them to be a good fit. Offering your clients other options will make your management company reputable in the eyes of the public and people will feel more comfortable in trusting your company.


Many residential leasing companies tend to not give their best following up a potential renter after the initial contact. It is important part of filling the vacancies faster and a company can do so by following up at least once to keep the leads engaged.


One of the major problems renters face is the tedious application processes. By moving the processes online the potential renters will be more encouraged to apply for your residential units. Instead of sticking to the conventional methods of application, it is time you move your leasing methods online.