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5 different ways to enhance your property’s green initiative

Residential and commercial buildings account for about 39% of the emission of carbon dioxide. Do you think that your company is working in a way that is more sustainable and is your company doing anything to last longer? Because of the climatic change the world is facing some serious problems and to keep ourselves safe from it we need to be more efficient and we need to plant more greens than ever. It will not only help the environment, but it will also help your company grow.


  • Demand for sustainability: According to a survey it is considered that 81 percent of the consumers around the globe believe that it is very necessary in these times that every company should have a green environment to improve the conditions. The renters these days not only like sustainable features for example smart thermostats and high efficiency, but they also expect them to be already in it. As more gen z and the millennials start to enter the market the demand will only go up and above.


If you are not doing any single thing to improve sustainability and are not using the latest technologies like energy-saving techniques etc. then know that you will at some point start to lag behind.


If you make sustainability your priority, then know that this technique will attract more renters and vendors and by this, you will always stay at the top of the curve. This will not only help you benefit your business, but this will also make the planet a better place to live. There are 3 ways that St Louis Property Management is following to make the place greener that you should follow too. These are:


  1. Energy-efficient applications: Most of the renters are more interested in the energy start certified applications or appliances and others are interested in the high-efficiency dryer and washer. If you in your building do not already have them installed, then there is no better way to increase the desirability.
  2. Utility management service:If you do not have a utility management system in your building then it will take a lot of time to find the leaks which will cost you so much and not only you but also the environment. Using the property management software from companies like you can do it a lot more quickly and in an efficient way. This will also save you from spending a lot of money on it and through the software, you can benchmark the building against other buildings to save some extra money for the future.
  3. Community recycling package:Recycling is a method that people have been using for a long time now but there are still some buildings that do not have this installed. If you want to attract the renters, then you need to immediately do it. Make a specific recycling area where the renters are allowed to dispose of different items like batteries, bulbs, etc.